Bob Ross

The Bob Ross History

© Russell Collins - Floral Course - AmaryllisBob Ross brought the joy of painting to millions of people around the world through his television shows. Most of all, he didn’t make painting look easy, he showed it was easy. Furthermore, he showed that all someone needed to do to make beautiful paintings was to have a desire to paint. After all, the skills could be learnt.

Bob Ross Instructor Training Courses

© Russell Collins - Oil Paint Artist - Heavy Breakers SeascapeThe Bob Ross organisation runs a number of CRI (Certified Ross Instructor) painting courses a year in Hertfordshire, the courses are the Landscape, Floral and Wildlife courses. The first weeks of each discipline are run in November, the second weeks in February and the third weeks in April/May. After teaching the formal instructor syllabus, the instructors sometimes run an additional week of instruction based on their individual speciality, of which Ellen Tyre and her Seascape week is a good example. Please contact me if you would like to know more about the formal CRI courses.

Bob Ross Course Gallery

© Russell Collins - Floral Course - Poppies

CRFI – Poppies

The Bob Ross Gallery shows some of the paintings that I have done on the CRI courses. At present I am a Certified Ross Instructor and have done the Landscape course. I have finished week 2 of the CRFI (Certified Ross Floral Instructor) course, and have done an Ellen Tyre Seascape course.

Bob Ross Painting Days

© Russell Collins - Floral Course - Roses

CRFI – Roses

The Bob Ross technique is so simple that anyone can learn how to produce beautiful paintings in a single session. There are Bob Ross CRIs around the country running painting days to teach the techniques. A painting day usually consists of between 4 and 6 hours of tuition in the Bob Ross method. Attendees follow a step by step demonstration by the instructor, who then supervises the attendees as they paint. All the necessary tools and equipment are included in the price, and all the budding artist has to do is turn up and bring their own lunch – tea and coffee is normally provided. Experience the “Joy of Painting”, and paint your own masterpiece with the help of a Bob Ross CRI.