Russell Collins Art Shops

I have 2 online shops. This one – RCA Art Shop – is where where you the viewer can order my art in any number of formats, from simple prints through to wooden framed stretched canvases, acrylic reproductions and metal sheet reproductions.

My other shop is the Paint Night Party Shop  PNP Shop. I have over a hundred paintings that I have taught people during my 3 years as a Paint and Sip organiser, and I am offering them for sale at a very reasonabld price. I do a painting before an event to practice, and then do another at the event. I have used some to line my shed, but I think that a lot of them would look good on a wall somewhere, even if it is just the “little” room.

I also have my event paintings from my Bob Ross painting days. Once again, I do at least one before an event and one at the event.

We can also supply our images on a number of different household items ranging from phone cases to T shirts and Tote Bags. All products are bought with a full 30 day money back guarantee and ship from a fulfilment centre local to you within about 3 days of ordering. Click below to see some examples