Art Social Events

Art Social Events – Fun Art

I don’t talk about painting workshops, I talk about our Art Social Events. We will have a full range of evening Paint and Sip events where you can socialise with old friends, and make new ones. We will also have a series of one day painting workshops where we will take you through a more sophisticated painting based around the Bob Ross style.

The idea is that it is FUN ART and not FINE ART. Anyone can paint, you just need the desire.

Paint and Sip Art Social Events

Paint and Sip

Drink Paint Create and Party

We are holding a number of evening “Paint and Sip” social sessions at various locations around Milton Keynes and Buckingham. It’s ART Jim, but not as you know it, but a social events where you Drink, Paint, Create and Party. Go to our sister site Paint Night Party page to find out more. These will be held in local pubs, where with a glass in one hand and a paintbrush in another, we will take you step-by-step through the creation of your own masterpiece. Take it home to hang on the wall, or give it to your Mum – she will love it.

Bob Ross Painting Days

Picture of the Bob Ross Painting Northern Lights

Northern Lights By Bob Ross

Our full painting days are held at the Westbury Arts Centre and The Woolpack Pub in Buckingham, and are usually held at the weekends. I normally take guests through a Bob Ross style painting as I am a qualified Bob Ross Landscape Instructor. In fact, I think I am the only qualified Bob Ross instructor in Buckinghamshire. As well as being a qualified Bob Ross Certified Landscape Instructor, I am also a Gary Jenkins Certified Art Teacher.

Seascape, Oil Painting, Oil Art

Seascape Oil Art by Russell Collins

Previous Art Social Events

Fantasy Forest: Based On An Idea From Paul Bryant

fantasy-forest-reduced events and workshops

Howe Park Woods Events and Workshops

Paul Bryant’s Fantasy Forest is an eye catching, but simple glazed landscape painting that is easy to do.

This painting is based on Howe Park Woods in Milton Keynes

Daisies Aglow: Based On An Idea From Marion Dutton. Westbury Arts Centre

Daisies aglow

Marion Dutton’s “Daisies Aglow” was the subject this art session. It is an eye catching, yet simple painting to do. In addition, it also has a suitably Christmas feel, and can be painted in any colour you want. This is a workshop that will let you customise your art. Paint it in blue, dark green, red – the choice will be yours.