Wedding Dress Frame

Display Your Dress In A Wedding Dress Frame

23rd July, 2023. An update on our Wedding Dress Frame products. 

Image of Marc Davies Display Cabinet.

Displaying your wedding dress in a wedding dress frame is a glamourous alternative to hiding it away in a box.

We can build a wedding dress frame to your requirements using the best materials available. We can supply you with all you need to mount your own wedding dress, or can provide you with the complete service.

Our exciting new offerings include the hand made display cabinets cabinets made by one of the UK’s finest bespoke furniture makers – Marc Davies, an example of his work you can see on the right a hand prepared and hand finished high quality oak stained to your requirements

For full information on the Marc Davies produced display cabinets click: Wedding Dress Display Cabinet. 


As well as the high end Marc Davies display cabinets we also have the more reasonably priced traditional shadow box frame in various sizes and designs to help you preserve and display your mmento of you wonderful day. For more information on the wedding dress shadow box frames please click on  Wedding Dress Shadow Box Frame.

We will soon add a guide on how you can lay out and display your wedding dress for display using our display cases.


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General Principles of Mounting and Displaying Items.

It is a principle of mounting and displaying any form of item that the item should be displayed in a way that protects the item from being damaged. Most damage is caused by air pollution that can stain and damage delicate materials. UV light can cause colour fading and physical damage, but can be avoided with the proper glass. It is also a principle that when the item is removed from the display case it should show no evidence of ever having been mounted and displayed.

We use the highest quality materials to ensure that we meet the principles of mounting and displaying are met. This page will describe what we use when producing a wedding dress frame.

Make Up Of A Wedding Dress Frame.

Shadow Box

Something solid such as a wedding dress needs a shadow box frame as normal picture frame mouldings only go to about 75mm deep. The box fits on the back of the frame moulding and is screwed into position.

A shadow box frame consist of a 5 sided box usually made out of high quality MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). The 4 sides and the back sheet are accurately cut and planned to shape, and then glued and stapled together. The back of the box usually has fixings so that the box can be attached to a wall.

Shelves and compartments could be added to the inside of the box to allow the display of other memorabilia such as a bouquet, shoes, gloves or headwear.

The inside of the shadow box is then lined with museum quality acid-free mountboard, which can be glued in position if required, or simply pressed into position. Mountboard is available in many different colours and finishes. The mountboard is important as it acts as a form of air filter between the dress and the atmosphere thus keeping out air pollutants. The outside of the box is usually painted in the colour of the customer’s choice. Additional decoration can be supplied if required.

There is a mountboard frame that goes at the front of the box frame and this hides the cut edges of the MDF box, and furthermore adds to the air filtering efficiency of the complete shadow box frame.

The Frame

To finish off, there is usually a UV filtering glass sheet front that is held in position by a traditional picture frame. The final framing can be of any

Shadow box frames can be made to almost any size to suit any object. The bigger they are though, the more heavy and unwieldy they are.

Displaying The Wedding Dress.

Half Sized Display Box

Wedding Dress Box

Wedding Dress Box

Wedding Box With Dress

Wedding Box With Dress

A popular way of mounting a wedding dress is to use a half sized box. The dress itself is used as the liner and background to the bodice. The dress can be lightly stitched to the mountboard to hold it in position. In addition, the mountboard inner liner is relatively strong and can take stiches. You could also use the plastic H shaped tags that are used to attach labels to clothes in the shops, but the needle used can leave minute holes in the wedding dress. Loops could be sewn, and tags fixed into the mountboard. The wedding dress can then be sewn into the loops or tags for a more discreet fixing.

The bodice can then be placed in front of the dress. The bodice could be fixed to some sort of display mannequin, or maybe packed out with acid-free tissue to give it body. It can then be suspended inside the box with fine cotton or fishing line.

The box must have the mountboard inner to act as an air filter, but there could also be an additional acid-free cloth covered inner liner added to which the dress could be sewn.

Full Size Display Box

Large Size Wedding Dress Frame

Large Size Wedding Dress Frame

Full Length Wedding Dress Frame

Full Length Wedding Dress Frame

A full sized frame can be made to display the dress as if it is being worn. The frame can be made in such a way to show of parts of the dress in a particular manner. It could be shown flared out, or flared back. The dress can also be arranged around a mannequin to show off the top.The dress can then be arranged around the stand to hide it.

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