Russell Collins’ Statement

Silent Night

Russell Collins And A Friend

I, Russell Collins took up a brush for the first time in 35 years when I went to a Bob Ross painting day. I painted a fantastic arctic night landscape painting and realised I was quite good at it. To cut a long story short, I did some landscape and seascape painting courses and then went on to do a flower painting course. Practice makes perfect (or at least helps you get better)

Russell Collins’ Oil Art

My paintings are rather different to those of others. I like painting to order. Don’t look at my paintings and say “I don’t like that”, email me and say “I like this but can you make it a dark green please?”, or maybe “Can you make it wider please?” You could even say “Here is a picture, can you paint it in such a way that it will fit on the wall between the door and the bookcase please?” I will probably say “yes”, then I will paint it, and then email you a picture of it. If you want you can then buy it, or maybe just a print of it, or maybe a set of cards of it, or even a pillow or duvet cover or a T shirt, or a phone case. What ever you bought though it would be for you. I could even incorporate one of your photographs into a painting. If I were to do this though you would need to be aware of copywrite issues.

Take a look at my paintings on this site and see what you like, or would like to like – Russell’s Portfolio, You could go to my other site here to see what I have available, or click the picture below. All products purchased from the shop have a 30 day money back guarantee. But my originals have a  14 day money back guarantee. Please email me if you have any questions.