Pets and Portraits – In the Robert Hagan Style

Robert Hagan Style

Two friends wandering out on a walk in the fields.

We can paint you a unique portrait of your beloved pet in the Impressionist style of Robert Hagan. We can also paint figurative landscapes that include you and your family or friends.

Commissioning a portrait painting of a pet, or someone special, is a demonstration of your love for them. It could be a gift for them, or for someone else, it might even be an act of remembrance for someone or something now gone.

The Robert Hagan Style

Robert Hagan is known for his loose and soft impressionist style of painting. Scenes of every day life are transported into a nostalgic, romantic and peaceful setting where the observer can feel at peace with the world and reminisce about an age gone by. Furthermore a limited pallet of oil paint, usually 5 colours, is used and the brush work is loose with final strokes of impasto to give texture. The finished painting will place your subject in a setting that fits its style. The setting could be a flat field, a shore line or beach, a hill or a path through the woods

We will discuss together the subject that you want painting, and the photographs that you want to use. It might be necessary to take more photographs to get the right “look”.  We will consider the subject, the setting and the photographs we can use.


Some examples of my work,

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The table below gives a rough guide for pricing purposes. We would need to have a discussion about your requirements, as the cost of your painting will depend on a number of factors. These factors include size, background, and the number of subjects.

Each Additional
10inch x 12inch£150.00£30.00Small dog or cat
Single person
14inch x 18inch£230.00£35.00Larger Pet
16inch x 20inch£300.00£40.00Wider figurative landscape
18inch x 24inch£400.00£45.00Multiple figures