Shadow Box Frame

The Shadow Box Frame

Ornate Shadow Box Frame

Shadow box frame showing resin casts of dog paws

A shadow box frame is used to display 3D objects, or give depth to a flat subject such as a painting. There is a normal moulding frame on the front, and there is a 5 sided box added to the rear. They can be any size or depth, the size is limited by the way it is attached to the wall. We can make shadow box frames as small as 20cm x 20cm to display tiny foot mouldings, and as large as 70cm x 60cm x 20cm to frame a wedding dress.


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The Shadow Box

We use high quality MDF board that is accurately cut to shape and size to make the shadow box. The 4 sides are then cut and channelled to take the back of the box, and then firmly pinned and glued together. The backboard is then cut, and glued in place.

The Finish

The shadow box lining material is then fixed in position. The lining can be of any material, but is usually acid-free mount board fixed into position. Cloth is sometimes used and glued in place, as it allows other materials such as clothing, to be stitched to it for display. We then make the front moulding in the normal way and this can be of any design. Once complete, the outside of the shadow box is painted, and attached to the front moulding with normal screw fixings.

We can customise your shadow box frame to your requirements and can include shelves, fittings and fixings.

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