Making More Money From Art

Making More Money From Art

On Sunday 30th October, I made a little more money from art, not a lot more, just a little more.

Lady In Red Dress Walking In London Cityscape - Making More Money

Lady in red dress with red umbrella walking through London.

I sold another version of The Lady In Red  earlier that day at a craft fair. So, I am now an artist with a little more money. This is the 2nd version of Lady in Red that I have sold, it must have been her Louboutin shoes.

It is not easy making money from art, but small changes could help artists make more for very little extra effort – it is called added value. Be honest here: What would you rather be, an artist with less money, or an artist with a bit more money?

The Question.

I might not be the best artist in the world, or even the 10 millionth best. I think I am though, commercially aware. It saddens me to read and hear about the amount of hours and love that artists put into their art, and get so little back. I put a question up on the British Society of All Artists Facebook page. It asked members how they added value to what they did (commissions, sales or classes) that get them a reasonable amount of extra income for that little extra input? By that, I mean something that has a high value to the end customer, but a low cost to the artist.

The Responses.

I got fewer comments back than I hoped for. Some respondents were very happy with their art based income, and added value to their work to gain additional income. There were a few though that seemed a little pessimistic about the whole shebang. Everyone though stated that you produce art because you want to, almost “Art From The Heart”.

The Conclusion.

So overall, artists genuinely love doing arty things, they would though like to earn more money from their art.

So, what I am going to do is start making suggestions about how artists can make more money, especially by adding value to what they already do. Artists must do more than just work longer. After all you can only work so many hours in the day, and you don’t get overtime rates at weekends.

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