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Adding Value To Art

Adding value to art means that you are making your art more valuable to the buyer of your art. This helps you with making more money from your art.

Pop Up Art Gallery

Pop-Up Art Gallery

Art Gallery Sign

Art Gallery

One a Wednesday evening, a voice in my head told me to set up my own art gallery in my front garden and sell some paintings. By the end of the following weekend, I realised that the voices are sometimes right, I sold 6 and got 2 commissions. This blog post deals with my experiences regarding setting up a pop-up art gallery at 2 day’s notice. 

I think the whole concept is a good one, and the implementation of the idea went quite well. I made sales and got commissions, and will do it again soon. Read on to find out more about what I did, and what I will do next time to make it more successful. I hope that you, dear reader will learn from my experience and that it will make your art more profitable.

I have started a Facebook Group called Pop-Up Art Galleries. Join it for help and advice on setting up your own pop-up art gallery and shop.


Making More Money From Art-6 – Workshop Strategy

Making More Money From Art-6 – Workshop Strategy

Workshop strategy

A Workshop strategy outline

What is the purpose of a workshop strategy? First of all it should contribute to the overall goal of helping you make more money from your art. Secondly, a workshop strategy should help you focus your mind on the art that you paint. It can also help you focus on getting you new customers, and more customers coming back for additional workshops.


Making More Money From Art-5

Making More Money From Art-5 – A Review of Previous Posts

A Life Saver

A Life Saver

I have been pleasantly surprised by the reaction to my series of posts in numerous art groups about how artists can start to make more money from their art.

This post will review what I have written in the past few weeks. It will also answer a few questions raised by readers, and I hope clear up some misconceptions.

I will then talk about some of the subjects I will cover in future blog posts.


Making More Money From Art-4

Making More Money From Art-4 – Painting Workshops

Silent Night Painting Workshop print on demand

Silent Night,, after an Idea By Marion Dutton

One way of making more money from art is by incorporating a POD (Print On Demand) service into your workshop plans. Learn how you can double or more the profit from your painting workshop over a period of time. You can do this for very little extra work on your part. This post is a little longer than the last ones. I hope you think it worth it, I am talking here about using a POD service for your students, not your own art.

First Of All, A Health Warning


Making More Money From Art-3

Making More Money From Art-3 – Economics Of Art

Daisies aglow and pricing your art. economics of srt.

Daisies Aglow

This blog post will introduce the concept of the economics of art, and how understanding some simple economics of art can help you with pricing your art, making more money from art, and your art workshops.

At the end of my last post, I briefly mentioned the situation where some of the artists I know have too many customers, and too little time. I said that one answer to this situation is to just raise your prices. The problem with raising prices though, is that you might get more customers as a result of raising your prices. Please read on.


Making More Money From Art-2

Making More Money From Art-2 – Government Art Subsidy

Lady In Red Dress Walking In London Cityscape Looking For A Government Art Subsidy - Make More Money From Art

Lady In Red Dress and Louboutin Shoes

I had a very good reception to my earlier blog post about how you can make more money from art. I had many good comments and as far as I know, no bad ones. Group moderators allowed me to post on all groups – thank you.

So, here is my second post on the subject. It will explain a little about how you can get a type of Government Art Subsidy. Also, how some artists could almost immediately start making more money from art.


Making More Money From Art

Making More Money From Art

On Sunday 30th October, I made a little more money from art, not a lot more, just a little more.

Lady In Red Dress Walking In London Cityscape - Making More Money

Lady in red dress with red umbrella walking through London.

I sold another version of The Lady In Red  earlier that day at a craft fair. So, I am now an artist with a little more money. This is the 2nd version of Lady in Red that I have sold, it must have been her Louboutin shoes.

It is not easy making money from art, but small changes could help artists make more for very little extra effort – it is called added value. Be honest here: What would you rather be, an artist with less money, or an artist with a bit more money?