Pet and Person Portraits

Pet and Person Portraits by Russell Collins

Pet and Person Portraits

The Happy Wanderer.

Pet and Person portraits in the Impressionist figurative style of Robert Hagan, by Russell Collins

Commissioning pet and person portraits can be a very daunting experience for some people and a lot depends on what it is for. It could be for yourself, it could be a gift or it could be some form of memorial to a pet or person no longer here. It could even be a memory of a special occasion such as a wedding. Despite advances in photography and digital manipulation, there is nothing to beat an original piece of art. For further information on our art visit our shop

Painting Styles

Pet and Person Portraits


First of all you need to spend time researching the various types and styles of painting that are available. Realism for instance aims to make the subject as life like as possible, The Mona Lisa is a good example of the Realism style. Impressionism though gives a softer more romantic feel to a painting, though the subject is still recognisable. The works of Monet are good examples of the Impressionist style. The Painterly style makes no attempt to hide the fact that it is a painting that is recognisable, but not very realistic.

The different painting styles will show the subject in different ways

Robert Hagan’s Impressionism

Pet and Person Portraits

Maddie and Jacquie

Robert’s style uses loose and flowing brush strokes with final strokes of impasto that gives a final texture to the painting. The style uses a limited oil palette to give a sense of tranquillity and light airiness that helps the painting come alive.

Robert Hagan’s approach uses images of everyday life and combines them into a romantic and peaceful vision. Robert takes pictures of the subjects, a background from here, and a foreground from there. He then combines them on canvas with a sky from somewhere else to make one romantic and idealised image. Robert then pulls the disparate parts together to make the whole.

A Typical Robert Hagen Style Composition

Robert Hagan Copyright

Seagull Looking Left

Copyright Robert Hanag

Seagull Looking Innocent

Copyright Robert Hagan

Seagull Looking Right





Pet and Person Portraits

Two seagulls, looking suspiciously at their “friend” who was supposed to be guarding the chips, which have now disappeared. A Russell Collins Original

Our Process

We would take the photographs of the subjects that you want included and discuss the scene that you would like to recreate, with you. Once we have agreement I will charge you a 50% deposit and I will begin work, and send you some photographs as it progresses. Once dry, I will then ship it to you with a request for final payment.

The final cost will depend on the individual factors, but the table below gives you a good idea of costs. Contact us for further information.

Each Additional
10inch x 12inch£150.00£30.00Small dog or cat
Single person
14inch x 18inch£230.00£35.00Larger Pet
16inch x 20inch£300.00£40.00Wider figurative landscape
18inch x 24inch£400.00£45.00Multiple figures