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Lothlorien was a forest and home of the Elves that was next to the Misty Mountains. Galadriel’s ring protected the forest and turned it into a magical forest that evil could not easily enter. The only way that Lothlorien could be defeated was if Sauron arrived with his armies and wearing the One Ring.

Galadriel left Lothlorien after the War Of The Ring and the forest eventually declined and after many years was abandoned by the Elves.

Howe Park Woods – Fantasy Forest

Howe Park Woods – Fantasy Forest

Howe Park Woods

Howe Park Woods. The Fantasy Forest

What creatures live in Howe Park Woods – the Fantasy Forest of the night? What creatures stir when the sun goes down? Is this the forest of Lothlorien the home to the Elves, or Fangorn home to the Ents. Maybe Mirkwood, now the home of dark and savage things.

Howe Park – Fantasy Forest is an eye catching, but simple glazed landscape painting that is easy to do. Join me for a day time workshop on Saturday 7th January and at the end of the day, you will be taking this home. You will paint it under my tuition and it will be your own masterpiece. This is a suitable painting for any standard of painter from the never painted before, to the experienced. A relatively biggie at 100cm x 40cm. Creative ways to use a radiator roller. (more…)