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Howe Park Wood – Painting Day

Howe Park Wood – Fantasy Forest

Join us on Sunday 30th April to paint this stunning landscape woodland scene that is inspired by Howe Park Wood. At the end of the day you will take home this Bob Ross style masterpiece to hang on your wall. This is a fantastic painting for any standard of painter from the “never painted before”, to the experienced. Although this is a relatively biggie at 100cm x 40cm, you can do a smaller canvas if you wish.

Howe Park Wood Fantasy Forest

Howe Park Wood – Fantasy Forest Painting Day

We will provide all materials including the canvas, paints and brushes, and other materials. but bring your own painting clothes. The price includes tea, coffee and biscuits, as well as a Subway lunch.

A Painting of hoew Park Wood As The Sun Goes Down

Howe Park Wood at sunset, with a small stream running through the trees.

You should be able to add your own colours in this workshop (within reason) and you can see alternatives below. You can paint it in a range of spring, summer, or autumnal colours as shown below. Bring the children and let them do their own on a smaller canvas for half price. If you are under 18 then your cost will be £40.00.


Making More Money From Art-5

Making More Money From Art-5 – A Review of Previous Posts

A Life Saver

A Life Saver

I have been pleasantly surprised by the reaction to my series of posts in numerous art groups about how artists can start to make more money from their art.

This post will review what I have written in the past few weeks. It will also answer a few questions raised by readers, and I hope clear up some misconceptions.

I will then talk about some of the subjects I will cover in future blog posts.


Making More Money From Art-4

Making More Money From Art-4 – Painting Workshops

Silent Night Painting Workshop print on demand

Silent Night,, after an Idea By Marion Dutton

One way of making more money from art is by incorporating a POD (Print On Demand) service into your workshop plans. Learn how you can double or more the profit from your painting workshop over a period of time. You can do this for very little extra work on your part. This post is a little longer than the last ones. I hope you think it worth it, I am talking here about using a POD service for your students, not your own art.

First Of All, A Health Warning


Daisies Aglow

 Paint Your Own “Daisies Aglow” – Based on an idea by Marion Dutton

Daisies aglow

Daisies Aglow

An eye catching, but simple painting that is easy to do. Join me for a day time workshop on the 5th December and you will be taking this home. You will paint it under my tuition and it will be your own masterpiece.

Marion Dutton’s “Daisies Aglow” painting is the subject of my next art lesson. It is a still life depicting a burning candle, with a floral base. It has a suitably Christmas feel and can be painted in any colour you want. This workshop will let you customise your art. You can paint it in blue, dark green, red – the choice will be yours.

You should join me on December 5th, and at the end of the day, you will have your own personal masterpiece.  Then you can turn your masterpiece into Christmas cards, that should arrive within a week. (more…)