SEO for the Artist

SEO For The Artist

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SEO for the Artist by a certified Yoast SEO practitioner

My idea for SEO for the Artist is an idea for an on-line training course for artists, crafters and small business owners. It is not currently live. The training covers the subject of search engine optimisation. People who are heavily involved in doing the business, frequently overlook the importance of running the business. They are more concerned with the short term urgency of satisfying customer needs. The longer term importance of areas such as marketing is seen as less important. SEO for the artist is an on-line training course that will take the complexity out of search engine optimization and improve on-line marketing skills.

As well as being a businessman in a non-artist area, I am also a practicing artist. Keeping track of the latest procedures related to Search Engine Optimisation can be difficult, and I want to make it easy for you.

SEO for the Artist is based around the concept of organic and holistic search optimisation. A holistic approach does not involve pay-to-click Adwords. Although a holistic approach can take longer than an Adwords campaign, it gives a better ranking over the medium term. This better ranking results in more conversions and return visits due to the enhanced user experience.

How I can help your Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

You are an artist, a crafter, a businessman or woman and you have a great web site. The problem is though that your web site doesn’t get the exposure that you think it should get. You don’t have the skills to run a proper SEO strategy, neither do you have the time to learn those skills. So watch this video to find out how I can help you.

Once you have watched it read more about Google and SEO, and how we can help small businesses.

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