Small Business SEO Services In Milton Keynes

Small Business SEO Services In Milton Keynes

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Search Engine Optimisation

We provide SEO services in Milton Keynes to small businesses. Many small businesses don’t have the time or knowledge to optimise and update their web site regularly. This means that their web site is not an effective sales tool for them. Having a web site that has good search engine optimisation means that you could rank more highly in the search rankings. This higher ranking means that you should get more visitors to your site who want your services. More customers will make you more profitable, especially if it brings you more high value business. We can help you with this so read on. Although I am can provide SEO services in Milton Keynes, I can provide them to clients anywhere.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short, is the process that helps websites get high rankings with search engines, There are a number of search engines, but the biggest is Google. Your website really needs to rank on either page one or page two, to be an effective sales tool for you.

I can help you by doing much of the research work and leg work that is needed to enhance your web site. This will help you gain higher rankings with search engines,

SEO is not about spending money on AdWords, it is more about making your website easy for Google to find and investigate. Google wants people to find your website, therefore you need to make it easy for Google to help you do this, The way to make it easy for Google is to make sure that your website meets Google guidelines. Click here for more information about Google and the SEO process. One thing to remember is that Google actually ranks web pages, not web sites. A well ranked page though does help the ranking of the site.

There are two main categories that affect your SEO, these are the on-page factors and the off-page factors.

On-Page SEO Factors

On-page factors are factors that you have control over. A well optimised web site must have a good general structure, and a good linking structure, In addition, it must also have well written, and high quality content that is frequently updated. The best way to update content is by having an active blog which is updated one to two times a week. In addition, images should be properly sized, as this allows your site to load faster.

Your web site must also provide a good User Experience (UX for short). A good UX means that visitors come to your site and click through to other pages on your site. A high number of site visitors doesn’t improve your search engine rankings though. What does improve them is when visitors stay on your site, and click through to other pages. If your site is slow to load due to say, large image sizes, then your visitor will leave your site. Our SEO services can help you here

Off-Page SEO Factors

Off-page factors are the factors that you have less control over. These include back links, keywords used by visitors in their searches, keyword research and sector competition. Back links from good quality web sites will give a good boost to your ranking. These links though must be from good quality sites that are relevant to yours. Keyword research aims to find the keywords that your potential visitors are actually using, not the ones you think they should use. These keywords are then incorporated into your block posts.

What Can My SEO Services in Milton Keynes Do For You?

I can help you to improve your profitability by improving your search engine rankings. I can do this by:

  • Carrying out keyword research to find the keywords that your potential customer are using.
  • Researching and writing the blog posts that incorporate the keywords from the research.
  • Writing articles and press releases that  give you the high quality back links your website needs.
  • Researching and linking to good quality sites that will help your web advertising.
  • Looking at your site structure, and recommending changes to improve its UX.

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About Russell Collins

Russell Collins is a Milton Keynes based small businessman who has 2 websites based around his artwork, His websites are naturally this one and Farbi Flora UK, which sells fine art materials. He has carried out his own SEO work and is pleased with the results.

Russell is now providing SEO services to small business in Milton Keynes so that they can get more benefit from their web sites using SEO and Google