Big Painting Challenge

The Big Painting Challenge

Bob Ross said that anyone can paint, all you needed was the desire. The Big Painting Challenge shows that anyone can paint, and those contestants have the desire. Come to one of my painting classes and I will show you how easy it is to paint.

Howe Park Woods

Howe Park Woods. The Fantasy Forest

The Big Painting Challenge is a reality type skill based TV show that follows the format of other similar shows such as The Great British Bake Off. Amateur painters are split into 2 separate groups, and then given a task to complete within a set time. The completed paintings were then reviewed by the judges. In the first episode, the Artists had to paint two scenes.

Painting Challenge First Task

The artists painted a collection of items laid out on a table, and had to paint the scene in their own style.

Painting Challenge Second Task

The two groups were shown a full size reproduction of bedrooms that had been painted by famous artists. Then they painted those bedrooms in their own style.

One group painted a bedroom based on “Bedroom In Arles” by Van Gogh. The other group painted a bedroom based on “Interior With Waterlilies” by Roy Lichtenstein. Funnily enough, Roy Lichtenstein painted a version of Van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles”, in his own style.

Bedroom In Arles Used In The Big Painting Challenge

Bedroom In Arles

Interior With Waterlilies By Roy Lichtenstein Used In The Big Paining Challenge

Interior with Waterlilies

Van Gogh By Roy Lichtenstein

Van Gogh By Roy Lichtenstein.

Do You Want To Learn To Paint?

We can show you how easy it is to paint, but unfortunately, we can’t guarantee you a place on the Big Painting Challenge, Come along to one of our painting classes and I will show you how easy it is to paint. You will take home your own special masterpiece from my class even if you have never painted before.

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