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TV Art Shows

TV art shows are showing people that they can easily learn how to paint. Bob Ross said that all someone needed was the desire to paint, the rest can easily follow. TV art shows can be split into 2 separate types. Teaching shows, and competition shows

Teaching Shows

The best known TV artist is probably Bob Ross. Bob died back in 1995, but his shows that started in 1983 have been shown around the world every day since they started in 1983. His 30 minute shows demonstrate how easy it is to produce a complete landscape in a short time.

The floral artist Gary Jenkins also does 30 minute TV shows that are broadcast in America and Europe.

Competition Shows

Competition shows are reality type TV art shows where artists usually have to interpret a subject and paint it within a time limit. The latest show is the BBC produced Big Painting Challenge that at the time of writing is in its second series.